Welcome to my page! I am quite sure that you will not find anything useful here. But, in each menu, you will see different thoughts, unique or not, that flows through out that page. One such is Professor peace. Professor Peace is a character who considers himself to be an embodiment of consciousness that tries different ways to think better. Be careful with him though, sometimes even I don’t understand what is he talking about…

Chandrahans is a metropolitan romantic who is intelligent but not wise. it can be seen clearly in his actions.Natnishad is young teenager who narrates about his own life and incidents that happen. Make sure you follow him because he has lots of experiences to share. All these characters are ready to waste your time in a new way.

I’ll be adding few more posts every weekend which may include humor, sarcasm and stories too. I will not assume that you will enjoy reading them but if you do encourage me to write more by liking and sharing them. Notify all the bookworms you know! Thanks for letting me waste your time once again.